IMESA President 2010-2012

Mr Jannie Pietersen

This year marks our 76th Annual Conference — the first since last year’s historic Golden Jubilee in Johannesburg, where we celebrated 50 years of IMESA’s existence and its significant contribution to municipal engineering in Southern Africa.
The theme of last year’s conference was “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”. This year, it is very fitting that we look to the next fifty years. What will IMESA look like, more importantly what should it look like in 2061, when IMESA members celebrate its centenary?
Our theme this year of “Engineering For Change” gives us an opportunity to look towards — and to actively shape — the future of IMESA.
The decision to choose George as our host city, and the beautiful Railway Museum as our venue, represents in many ways a symbolic link between the past and the future. George is the sixth oldest city in South Africa.

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