Conference Infomation

209 kBConference Programme
734 kBExhibitors
160 kBSponsors
64 kBSpeaker Profiles
132 kBIndex of Papers
74 kBPaper 1: Determining what level of service customers and funding agencies can afford – R Byrne94 kBPaper 2: The SAICE Infrastructure Report Card – K Wall294 kBPaper 3: What are your rights? Legal Aspects of Municipal services from the perspective of the domestic consumer – S Slabbert704 kBPaper 4: The development of a risk based maintenance and rehab budgeting model for the City of Tshwane – C von Holdt703 kBPaper 5: Improved Service Delivery: The innovative flood incident management plan – M Braune368 kBPaper 6: Drought crisis management, Challenges and solutions: Southern Cape, Geoge – H Basson415 kBPaper 7: Sedgefield water augmentation case study – K Turner69 kBPaper 8: Asset registers and Asset management – What are the demands on the Municipal Engineer? – W Pretorius130 kBPaper 9: Capacity building in a Municipal Environment: What have we learned over the last five years? – F Slabbert65 kBPaper 10: Competence-based approach proposed for local government skills audit and skills development – S Greyling87 kBPaper 11: Private sector potential to assist with Municipal Infrastructure O&M – K Wall144 kBPaper 12: Service delivery solutions for water services – S Gibson329 kBPaper 13: Designing an innovative way to support WSAs to deliver water services in resource-poor municipalities – K Mahlaba325 kBPaper 14: Benchmarking and Tracking of water losses in all municipalities of South Africa – A Wensley182 kBPaper 15: How can the “Green Drop” results trickle down to Good Effect? – R Scheepers202 kBPaper 16: Chris Hani Pilot Project – Taking human settlements policy into rural subsidy practice – J Denison629 kBPaper 17: Performance of Ngcingcinikhwe Village Concrete Geocell Access Road – J Maastrecht213 kBPaper 18: Road Infrastructure within the Port of Durban – O Kunene635 kBPaper 19: Construction of an Ultra-Thin continuously reinforced concrete pavement – LJ Ebels1 MBPaper 20: Road maintenance – current practice and a Modus Operandi for addressing Service Delivery – S Tetley

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