Sustainable Infrastructure Asset Management (SIAM)

IMESA Infrastructure Management System (IIMS)

IMESA has developed an innovative and comprehensive asset management methodology that will not only help municipalities to ensure GRAP17 compliance by capturing the data required to generate GRAP17 registers, but to apply this information to improving long-term municipal asset management and maintenance planning. The ultimate goal, of course, is to enable municipalities to use this new-found knowledge to provide improved service delivery to their communities.

See below for an overview of the IIMS system.

503 kBIIMS System Overview


AMPLE (Asset Management Program Learning Environment) is a web-based tool (knowledge management system) that has an intuitive and user-friendly set of on-line process and practice guidelines, templates and decision support tools that will:

  • Simplify the development of consistent Asset Management Strategic Plans (AMSP)
  • Provide effective Implementation Guidelines for agencies to assess and drive meaningful improvements in asset management.
  • List Asset Management systems from around the world.

The users of this website will be:

  • Municipal officials
  • Asset managers and operators
  • Engineering consultants

Download the document below for an overview of the AMPLE system

481 kBAMPLE Overview

Click Here to access the AMPLE facilities

IMESA acknowledges the contribution made by GHD’s Global Asset Management Group in giving IMESA access to the AMPLE (Asset Management Program Learning Environment) web enabled suite of products and the associated training programs of which these documents were part.

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