2024 IMESA Conference

Details of the categories and requirements are included in the 2024 Conference Abstract Submission Form.

2023 IMESA Conference

IMESA would like to thank everyone who was involved and attended our 86th annual conference in Gqeberha (PE).

IMIESA Magazine

After outsourced publishing of our IMIESA magazine for more than 40 years, the Institute now owns the full rights to publish the magazine inhouse. This will enhance the Institute’s platforms for communication with all industry stakeholders and ensure that the IMIESA magazine continues as the definitive magazine in all areas related to infrastructure engineering.

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IMIESA journal promotes the knowledge and practice of infrastructure development, maintenance and service delivery in Southern Africa.

The requirements for design flood estimation in urban areas are changing largely as a result of the pressure placed on flood prone land by rapidly expanding urban populations. To address the facts that there are currently no design standards for urban flood estimation and risk assessment in South Africa, along with a decline in expertise in this regard at local municipality levels, it was proposed to extend the recent National Flood Studies Programme (NFSP) to focus on urban requirements and to develop a Best Practice Guideline specific to urban applications. The need for such a guideline was championed by the IMESA Executive Committee who then agreed to a jointly funded project with the Water Research Commission (WRC). The team that undertook the project comprising of specialists from the Universities of KwaZulu-Natal, Stellenbosch, Witwatersrand, as well as the Central University of Technology, Free State, and other private practitioners.

The completed document was launched at the 86th IMESA Conference held in Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth), Eastern Cape in October 2023.

For more information about the guideline and workshops, CLICK HERE

This guideline document for South African municipal engineers was developed through a collaborative effort between the Institute of Municipal Engineering of Southern Africa (IMESA) and the Water Research Commission (WRC) in collaboration with water sector stakeholders represented by the Water Institute of Southern Africa and was officially launched in September 2022. The document should be regarded as presenting a formal consensus position on best practices for implementing water reuse projects within the municipal environment to support the widescale adoption and increased success rate in the implementation of water reuse projects.

To download the guideline from our website Knowledge Base, CLICK HERE

Sustainable Infrastructure Asset Management (SIAM)

Probably the greatest challenge facing municipalities in South Africa is that of asset management: the effective and methodical recording of all accumulated assets with a view to managing them today and maintaining them for the future in the most cost-effective manner possible.

AMPLE (Asset Management Program Learning Environment) is a web-based tool (knowledge management system) that provides on-line processes and practice guidelines for Sustainable Infrastructure Asset Management (SIAM).

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