Training – Infrastructure Asset Management

All modern economies are underpinned by a vast infrastructure of roads and other transport systems, water supply, waste disposal, energy, telecommunications and recreational networks. The infrastructure of a nation supports the fabric of modern living, which is taken for granted until something fails or no longer provides the expected service. Applying the best management skills to ensure that it continues to provide sustainable and economic service is as essential  now as it has ever been.

IMESA offers a range of courses, designed especially to develop the skills that are needed in the management and maintenance of municipal infrastructure assets.

Please contact our Training Coordinator for details of the courses listed below, or for any other training requirements you may have.

Training Coordinator: email or telephone 031-266 3263.

IMESA Training

If you would like to enquire about any of our courses, please contact Judy Stephens on 031-266 3263 or Alternatively, you can submit your enquiry below.

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