About Us – COUNCIL


In accordance with IMESA’s Constitution, the IMESA Council includes ex-officio Executive Committee Members and Regional Council Members representing various Branches.

Council 2010-2012

IMESA Council


Ex-Officio - PresidentMr J F PietersenKwaZulu-Natal
Ex-Officio - Deputy PresidentMr D J De BeerWestern Cape
Ex-Officio - Vice PresidentMr G P FritzFree State/N. Cape
Ex-Officio - Vice PresidentMr F B StevensKwaZulu-Natal
Ex-Officio - Technical DirectorMr C AndersenKwaZulu-Natal
Ex-Officio - Technical DirectorMr J H BassonWestern Cape
Ex-Officio - Technical DirectorMr W A C BruhnsNorthern Provinces
Ex-Officio - Technical DirectorProf R Del MistroWestern Cape
Ex-Officio - Technical DirectorMr B J MartinEastern Cape
Ex-Officio - Technical DirectorMr P G J J MyburghSouthern Cape/Karoo
Ex-Officio - Technical DirectorMr L NaudeNorthern Provinces
Ex-Officio - Technical DirectorMr N PretoriusNorthern Provinces
Ex-Officio - Operations DirectorMr G M ClunnieNorthern Provinces
Ex-Officio - Operations DirectorMr D DariesWestern Cape
Ex-Officio - Operations DirectorMr M M MalibaNorthern Provinces
Ex-Officio - Operations DirectorMr M A NgcoboNorthern Provinces
Ex-Officio - Operations DirectorMr D B NothnagelKwaZulu-Natal
Regional Council MemberMr D B BothaNorthern Provinces
Regional Council MemberMr E BykerWestern Cape
Graduate MemberMr A K CopleyKwaZulu-Natal
Regional Council MemberMr J E DelportWestern Cape
Regional Council MemberMr S HermanNorthern Provinces
Regional Council MemberMr W A HofmeyrEastern Cape
Regional Council MemberMr J E MarxNorthern Provinces
Graduate MemberMr A C MphagiNorthern Provinces
Graduate MemberMr R F ParrySouthern Cape/Karoo
Regional Council MemberMr A PillayKwaZulu-Natal
Regional Council MemberMr K RamborosaNorthern Provinces
Graduate MemberMr G L RigbyWestern Cape
Regional Council MemberMs J I Van BlerkWestern Cape
Regional Council MemberMr J D Van EedenSouthern Cape/Karoo
Regional Council MemberMr N H J Van RensburgNorthern Provinces
Regional Council MemberMr M J VermeulenNorthern Provinces
Regional Council MemberMr M WesterbergBorder