Call for Entries: Closing date 11th June 2014

Project Excellence Awards

The Institute of Municipal Engineering of Southern Africa (IMESA) in collaboration with  the Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA) have pleasure in inviting local, provincial and government / semi-government authorities and / or their engineering consultants to submit entries for the 2014 biennial Project Excellence Awards competition.


Please click here for the entry form (Word, 93Kb). Please send the entry form to Debbie Anderson (telephone 031 266 3263) at  as soon as it is completed.

The hard copy submission with CD and supporting documentation can follow but must be submitted by 11th June 2014 to:
IMESA House, 2 Derby Place, Derby Downs Office Park, WESTVILLE, 3629

Please click here for details of the requirements and criteria.

Physical Requirements

 1)    In addition to hard copy submission, an electronic copy on CD is required in Word format.

2)    Whilst an embedded photograph, schematics, plans and tabular information is acceptable within the Word document as a guide, these individual images must be attached in a separate folder within the CD.

3)    Video Footage that will be used in the Awards multi media should preferable on Betacam or DVCam.  Mpeg and DVD footage is second prize but must be of a very high quality.

4)    Photos: A minimum of 20 pictures of each Nomination Company or project.  They should be in a JPEG format at 300 dpi resolution or greater.

5)    Logos:  All companies making submissions should send corporate logos as JPEG 300 dpi or greater resolution.

Award Criteria

The projects must portray the art and science of infrastructure engineering to the general public and indicate how the profession finds answers to challenges.  The projects must be in Southern Africa.

Submitted projects ought to satisfy some or all of the following criteria:

1)   The effectiveness of the project in response to community needs.

2)   The involvement of the municipal engineer’s on the project.

3)   The extent of innovation, ingenuity and originality of the project.

4)   Environmental sustainability.

5)   Financial sustainability over lifecycle of project.

6)   Quality & efficiency of implementation of the project i.e. on time and within budget.

7)   Quality of the submission.


Projects may be entered into more than one of the following categories.  One award will be made in each category :

  • Structures & Buildings
  • Water/wastewater
  • Roads/stormwater
  • Environmental
  • Community upliftment


1)      The adjudicators reserve the right to elect local nominees in certain geographic regions who may visit the projects under review and report back to the adjudicators.

2)      The adjudicators or their nominees must be allowed safe and reasonable access to all parts of the scheme submitted.

3)      The adjudicators have the right to reject any submission for which the documentation does not comply with the stated requirements of submission or entry.

4)      All material submitted becomes the property of IMESA / CESA.

5)      IMESA / CESA reserve the right, without payment of fees or royalties, to make whatever use it may consider desirable of material submitted in connection with the entries, including the publication of photographs and names, and to select from the entries, at its own discretion, material for exhibition or publication, irrespective of the results of the awards.

6)      The decision of the adjudicators shall be final and binding on all entrants.

7)      Only projects considered by the adjudicators to be sufficiently meritorious will be considered for this award.

8)      Projects may be of any size and must be completed in all aspects.


Entries will be judged by a nominated panel of qualified engineers, each an authority in his / her field, and under the chairmanship of the IMESA and CESA Presidents.

It should be noted that the awards recognize the project itself, and not the individuals, firms or organizations involved!

 Presentation of Awards

The awards will be presented on Tuesday 28th  October 2014 at the Opening Function of the 78th IMESA Conference in Durban.

The winning entries will be published in a future edition of the IMIESA Journal and be detailed in a press release to the media.  It is anticipated that the successful engineers will gain national recognition as a result of winning the award.  A prestigious framed certificate will be presented during the awards ceremony at the 78th IMESA Conference.